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Recently, at the invitation of ESET, I visited Bratislava, where the command center of a popular security solutions provider is located. What can I say about this trip? I imagined a little differently about a company that is in daily contact with really nasty viruses, malware and other malicious programs. However, this is really a surprise – I will take the LiveGrid technology first, which I have described on Antyweb many times, also on the occasion of a text from a trip to Bratislava.

The ESET package installer immediately asks you if you want to be part of the LiveGrid service. For many of you this is a very enigmatic name, but the principle of the mechanism is extremely simple. LiveGrid collects information from all machines on which ESET tools are installed. Belonging to LiveGrid is part of the more than 110 million community of ESET users. In a situation where someone is at risk, LiveGrid automatically protects all its users. Telemetry allows you to identify threats and send their samples directly to the security package provider. There, such signals are analyzed and all computers that participate in LiveGrid are covered by a special type of protection. Therefore, ESET Internet Security offers security on many levels and goes beyond the standard framework of such software.

How LiveGrid works in Bratislava – we described in this text. We had the opportunity to walk around the "command center" of this mechanism – this is a map of the "flow of cyber threats" and the Flight Control Center in Houston. See for yourself how great it looks!

Security packages have long been more than just anti-viruses. ESET is a pioneer of this approach

ESET sets standards in the field of truly comprehensive tools dedicated to cyber security. In addition to the scanner (proactive and at the user's request), we have at our disposal anti-phishing, which blocks websites e.g. impersonating banks and payment protection, which in a specially secured browser (sandbox) protects the logins and passwords (e.g. to the bank's website) . What's more, ESET Internet Security is now able to analyze pages based on homoglyphs in a web address (i.e. characters that look identical to other letters and characters). It is also anti-theft protecting the user against the effects of an unauthorized takeover of a given computer. As soon as we mark on the special ESET website ( that we have lost our computer, a "spectrum" account will be exposed, which is not protected by any password. It's a lure for a thief who will probably log in to him. Then mechanisms will be activated that will allow us to identify the person who possesses our equipment.

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Using a webcam, we can take a photo of the criminal who took over our computer, take screenshots, and display a message on the stolen machine. In addition, ESET's anti-theft service is able to locate your computer based on your IP address or location on nearby Wi-Fi networks. The ability to take over other Windows data is significantly limited – the cybercriminal is unable to log into any other account that is on the computer.

Much is also currently being said about cyber threats associated with IoT devices, of which there are more and more around us. The latest version of ESET Internet Security introduces a preview of the home network, which allows us to check if there are only devices in our network environment that should be there. What's more, we can scan our network – making sure it is properly secured. ESET Internet Security will determine if the router has the latest available software installed and whether … the administrator panel is blocked from unauthorized access. Try to "set up" the default password in the router's administration panel – ESET Internet Security will immediately raise an alarm and will certainly notify you of any irregularities.

A good antivirus does not compromise your computer's performance

ESET's products are known to offer a high level of protection and also do not adversely affect how the machine works. This is the third version of security software tested by us and the previous two were launched, among others on a computer with an old Intel Core M processor on board. This year, ESET Internet Security has already been installed on a machine with the latest generation Intel Core i5 processor (mobile), however, and here we have not found any evidence that the antivirus package has slowed down the system. This is very desirable among users who often do not protect themselves because they are afraid of performance losses, e.g. in games or applications that require the use of a large amount of computer resources. Our observations are confirmed by the AV-Comparatives testwho rated ESET Internet Security as the "fastest" in terms of affecting computer performance a security package.

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It is also worth mentioning ESET Mobile Security – a product that is targeted at users of mobile devices. The Android version, although not the main object of our text, is also a noteworthy application that offers a real level of protection. Referring to the previous paragraph, we also did not notice any performance drops there, despite the fact that we did not use the flagship smartphone in the test. And since there is no question of performance drops … it is worth investing in additional protection – especially since there are more and more mobile threats. Lukas Stefanko from ESET, one of the industry's best cybersecurity experts in the industry, says:

Why is it worth having an additional security package such as ESET Internet Security?

What distinguishes ESET Internet Security from competing solutions is far-reaching comprehensiveness, expressed in added value. This includes tools such as anti-theft, phishing protection and home network monitor. It is difficult to indicate another solution that covers so many aspects of the computer's operation and the network to which it is connected.

We know that a good security package is extremely valuable. Therefore, Antyweb and DAGMA – the only official distributor of ESET brand products in Poland are organizing a competition in which you can win one of 10 licenses for ESET Internet Security for 2020. All you have to do is answer the question: "What cyber threat are you currently afraid of? ? Why?". We are waiting for your answers – the most interesting 10 will be awarded with an annual product license!

Competition regulations

The text was created in cooperation with DAGMA – the only official distributor of ESET brand products in Poland

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