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Do you use a smartphone in the cinema? Okay, I admit that I also do it, but only before the screening begins. During commercials or trailers, I will allow myself to check the latest notifications, but I make sure that the screen brightness is set to the lowest level and all filters that lower the level of blue light (Night Shift and True Tone in iOS functions) are active. During the screening, I don't want to ruin the fun of being in the cinema and disturb the movie reception. Of course, there are critical situations in which you need to be forgiving (reading an important SMS that you were waiting for or leaving the room to answer the call), but otherwise I think that for each 90-210 minutes each of us can turn off (log out?) from digital life and spend that time just watching a movie.

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An argument about checking the phone in the cinema during the movie

One of the spectators who took part in the screening of the last part of the saga "Star Wars – Skywalker." Revival", showed up really a small amount of patience and tolerance for the next person who shortly after the start of the projection took the phone out of his pocket and began to use it. This was done by Joe Bond, who wanted to see how his two daughters were doing – they stayed at home with the nanny. The man sitting in the armchair next to him, the main hero of the commotion, caught his attention in indecent words, then hit Bond in the face as he ignored his earlier warnings.

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There was a rapid escalation because the cinema staff stopped the projection and the lights were turned on and security guards were introduced. They led out the noise-making viewer, but as he left, the man made it clear to everyone else, which provoked his behavior. He shouted that he was a huge fan of Star Wars and waited a year for the premiere of the film, adding that the "asshole" sitting next to him turned on the phone.

To his screams and explanations ("Turn your phones off!") The audience reacted with a lot of disapproval, which I do not understand and I did not quite like it. Guilty this situation should not have such a drastic way to express his emotions, and especially violate the physical integrity of the other person, but I can also understand his agitation, because I have often encountered too loud and disturbing other viewers behavior in some people. Fortunately, an eloquent look or mere attention was taken care of, although I don't know why anyone would behave like that at the cinema.

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Do you turn off your phone in the cinema?

There are such premieres that I would like to watch in the right circumstances, and I am not going to the cinema to endure someone's conversations or to practice patience by shining the screen of the smartphone to the left and right. If there was a need to have a conversation or exchange messages, or just a movie bored someone, there is no compulsion to stay in the room. Unfortunately, I get the impression that we are becoming more and more tolerant of this kind of behavior and I am partly beginning to understand those who prefer to avoid movie theaters.

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