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I'm not kidding with this shower.

Kohler has just shown a shower with a built-in intelligent speaker, although it can also be mounted in its own system – though probably some specific. Of course, it is fully waterproof (IPX67) and apparently tuned so that the sound of the water does not drown out anything. It's a little hard for me to believe, but it probably is. The equipment has touch buttons and charges wirelessly. It will run for 6-7 hours on one charge and will cost between 99 and 229 dollars depending on the version. Ah, he will also be assisted by Assistant Alex. A great idea, right?

Well not really.

I have the impression that the vision of a smart home has been blurring a little lately, although I should probably write that it changes into small ones. Instead of one particular system, manufacturers sell its components, often as absurd as shower speakers. Instead of a vision of a computerized apartment, we get a simple apartment, cluttered with more gadgets. And this is a thermostat, and some kind of WiFi lamp, oven and speaker from Ikea. A bit like with tattoos – you can have a nice, designed with an idea sleeve or "knit" on what will fall and where it will look like an 8-year-old with chips stickers.

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Apparently, however, this is what it will look like for now and I think of the touch plates mounted in the 90s of the last century instead of the light switch, which could be adjusted by the TV remote control and colored lights on the tiny remote control. You know, red light, green, even better with a melody and extinguishing with a clap. Indulgence gadgets from the past. But I also once saw, just in the 90s, a bathroom with an amateur, but quite nice audio system – the speakers were mounted in a suspended ceiling. They looked like cars, but the whole sounded really nice, spacious and for such a specific room it offered quite nice sound quality. And that's how I think about that little speaker in the shower. Oh no…

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