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In July, a violent murder took place in Hallandale, Florida. Adam Reechard Crespo, 43, killed his girlfriend, 32-year-old Silvia Galva, using a 12-inch blade spear that stuck into her chest. The prosecutor claims that this is a second-degree murder, Crespo is currently at large after paying a bail of $ 65,000 – recordings by Alex's voice assistant will help determine his guilt or absence.

A friend of the couple testified to the police that he had heard an argument before the incident. Therefore, during the search, the services also paid attention to the intelligent speakers found in the apartment. Therefore, it was considered that the recordings stored on Amazon's servers recorded by Alex's voice assistant could contain relevant information related to the murder. They were requested to be shared, Amazon forwarded the recordings to the prosecutor and they are currently being analyzed.

Amazon does not disclose customer information in response to governmental requests, unless required to do so by a final decision.

– Leigh Nakanishi from Amazon explained.

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Will information be found on the recordings to help determine the actual course of these tragic events? This will determine their analysis, of course, Amazon ensures that the speakers with Alexia do not register and the company does not store recordings if the assistant was not woken up. And theoretically it is so – although the microphones are turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the device does not transfer to the cloud of data, although of course it constantly listens to whether the calling word is spoken. But are you sure that nobody listens? Opinions are divided.

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And it is this system that may be of key importance in a court case, because it is hard to suppose that during a quarrel one of the people would wake up the assistant, unless she did it by accident. In the case of assistants, I am a little distrustful in this subject and this is due to Google's audio history, which a few years ago I was checked by a friend wearing a wrist watch, just like me, an Android watch. It turned out that in recordings in the cloud I found fragments of conversations that did not even aim at saying the words "ok google", especially since I never used the watch in this way. The recordings were of very poor quality, so it was often difficult to pick up individual words, although there were several fragments in which I found a fairly clear fragment of the conversation. With all this, I looked into the history of Google Assistant today and found quite interesting transcriptions of the words I said, which are nothing to do with the algorithm itself. Well, I don't think the words "and you have to take a picture of your child or something like that" are part of a request to the Google Assistant.


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