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Sonos devices, including smart speakers, are equipped with the "recycle mode" function – the user can put the equipment into the "recycling mode" in order to be able to return it to the manufacturer. In this situation, the customer receives a discount on other manufacturer's devices and the business wheel revolves. However, in the case of "recycle mode" it is worth mentioning something that is a bit … strange from the point of view of recycling in general. Imagine that after activating this mode, the equipment ceases to be usable – it is "bricked". It can act as a very expensive (in this case – costing $ 250) paperweight. Most interestingly, the device cannot be restored in any way with the "recycle mode". Sonos servers recognize specific equipment as "recycled" and do not allow its functioning.

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The man who raised this problem noticed that it is much better for the environment to sell equipment we no longer need – so that someone else can use it. The tweet embedded above is just the beginning of the whole story: one of the "recycled" speakers was introduced in "recycle mode" by an unconscious user. Of course, the equipment proved to be useless after this operation. And you have to admit that the speaker was in great condition – he could work for a very, very long time. Is this what recycling is all about?

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Sonos has problems with users who have inadvertently put their devices into "recycle mode"

Such things happen – by placing a mechanism in the equipment that causes irreversible "bricking" of the equipment, the manufacturer must reckon with the fact that the customer manages to activate this mode by mistake. It's just that in such cases Sonos spreads his hands and says that nothing can be done. Many customers were left on the ice – even though they paid about $ 250 for their speakers. With this model, it also happens that customers buy a few to cover the whole house with sound.

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What happens to the speakers after "recycling"? Sonos claims that they are dismantled and parts in good condition go to further equipment. Of course – as long as they are in the hands of the producer. He believed that by means of the "innovative" function it would contribute to the environment and reduce the emission of electrowaste. However, this did not happen and now Sonos has … an image problem with which heaven

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