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Threads is a new application to keep in touch with close friends. It is to help us find out what our loved ones are currently doing and expand our contact options. The application appeared today on androids. She should also be at iOS, although at the time I'm writing this, there are minor accessibility issues in Stor. Facebook, as you can see, really wants us to do more and more interactions on the phone and preferably through their applications. They even mention staying connected throughout the day in a dedicated and private space. Threads is to guarantee us speed and privacy. We can share photos, videos, messages and reports in it.

Close friends forever with you

Threads emphasizes that it is created for contacts with close friends, i.e. an option already known to us from Instagram. Sharing personal moments is to be facilitated by creating specific threads to be able to send messages to them. A dedicated inbox and notifications are intended to provide users with greater convenience. We can share photos or videos in threads. The ability to add shortcuts is to shorten and make the camera easier to use.

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Status will appear in Threads. There will be several suggestions for the application itself (e.g. On the road, At home, At the gym, I am learning), but we will also be able to create our own. You can also change the status from the machine. The application will take into account our location and on this basis will select the appropriate marker. Of course, everything will be available only to selected close friends. Does that sound a bit like the wet dream of the Gossip Girl heroes?

Private Instagram content available to anyone with a link

Threads is a new application for talking and sending stupid photos or recordings. It is possible that it will increase the convenience of using people for whom Instagram is the basic social medium. For me, however, it is a completely unnecessary application that I do not intend to install in the near future. The functionality of Instagram, Facebook and Messenger seems to me fully sufficient. However, I am sure that there will be a whole small person who will gladly use Threads. They wouldn't release such an app if they weren't convinced, would they? I will be curious to follow information about Threads development and maybe someday I will find out about it. Or maybe some of you are already crazy about her? Go ahead, let me know in the comments.

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