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However, these are all generalities that probably will not convince those on the "manual" side to invest in a cleaning robot. Therefore, to reach such people let us recall a few specific reasons that make us buying not only a mental vacuum cleaner but also mental benefits, but also those converted to PLN. And this is important because it is the financial argument that most often stands in the way when choosing a new cleaning device.

1. Saving electricity

The sensible standard suction vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 1400 W motor, i.e. 1.4 kW. It's quite a lot, and clearly less than a few years ago. The European Union has been successively reducing power limits for vacuum cleaners for the environment for a long time. Manufacturers, of course, are doing their best to ensure that, despite less power, the suction power remains at a similar level, but physics cannot be fooled. For this reason, buying a standard vacuum cleaner from a medium shelf today, we get a product worse than a few years ago, because now the official limit is 900 W. However, this does not mean that you can not buy a more powerful vacuum cleaner.

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Therefore, for the purposes of this text, let's take the mentioned 1400 W, which consumes our standard vacuum cleaner. Assuming that we use it on average for an hour a week, we have 52 hours of work per year, during which we will use less than 73 kWh. A quick look at the electricity price list and we are getting around PLN 0.5 for 1 kWh to simplify calculations. Therefore, annually vacuuming costs us about 36.5 PLN. Apparently not much, but remember that energy prices are rising every year and will grow even more.

However, the average automatic vacuum cleaner consumes about 60 W, which is 23 times less. The cost of annual use under the same assumptions as in the case of a standard vacuum cleaner is … PLN 1.56. Yes, compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner, you use this automatic virtually free. Yes, the difference in purchase price will never be paid back, but there is also an ecological aspect. We are all fighting for a better tomorrow for our children, and by reducing energy consumption we significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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