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Do you remember the 1080p and 60 fps assurances that both console makers so eagerly cast before PS4 and Xbox One hit our TV screens? For a long time players could not forgive Sony and Microsoft for these words, especially when they learned that neither could not be achieved, and the combination of fullHD and 60 fps resolution is something that we probably will not see on consoles. The worst came out Microsoft, which was even destroyed by comparison tables of individual multiplatform games – it turned out that in the case of Xbox One 1080p it is even an exception, not a rule.

In this topic, we were "apologized" a bit by PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, but here the roles turned around and it was the Microsoft console that became synonymous with 4K resolution. However, this half of the generation did not offer us 4K at 60 fps, and such, for example, the recent Borderlands 3 allows you to choose – in higher resolution on PS4 Pro everything looks better, but works bad, in the lower one it only looks good, but it works smoothly.

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And when I read this type of assurance, I can see with my eyes that in a year Microsoft apologizes for it:

In the next generation we will see a big improvement in the CPU, because we really want to be sure that you won't have to compromise at the speed of the animation (framerate). Yes, we can do 4K, but we can also do 120 frames per second. I think these possibilities are something that people have not seen yet.

– Aaron Greenberg from Microsoft said during a conversation with Official Xbox Magazine.

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Of course, these words can be interpreted differently and understand that either 4K or 120 fps. However, I believe that these two information in one sentence are received clearly – the new Xbox is 4K and 120 fps. So it seems that console manufacturers have not learned anything from the previous generation and are repeating old mistakes promising players golden mountains, while driving interest in the product, which will be available in a year.

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The worst thing about all this, however, is that neither one nor the other company promises great games. I know that at this stage everything is about muscle tightening, but it's worth remembering that we don't play resolution and framerate. We play games and magically these will not get better just because they allow you to play in 4K.


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