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Was it the best year for technology? Probably not. Maybe the worst one? Neither. It had its better and worse months, better and worse devices or services. We sat down with MichaƂ and in a fairly long conversation we summarized the most interesting and important products and events of the past months in our opinion. The easiest way to call it is the summary of 2019, with very subjective opinions, because not everyone paid attention to the same. So we take smartphones, computers, games and services to the so-called workshop (surprising that in one year there were as many as two offering access to video content). We have our tips for surprise and our tips for disappointment. Of course, we are also very interested in your opinion regarding 2019 – both in terms of hardware, software as well as technology related events. What did you remember the most? I invite you to the comments section, of course after you familiarize yourself with our material.


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