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Such without counting down to the next round for several hours, without losing tens of zlotys as part of transactions within the application and other plays through which mobile games have been struggling with bad name for years. Apple Arcade is a carefully selected collection of top-shelf games. And even though the offer now includes over 70 titles (these are to change regularly, every now and then something new is expected – it is possible that some of the current titles will disappear in the near future). Over the past few days, I have been sweating my next games trying to recommend the coolest – in my opinion – productions. It is known that as many people, so many tastes – and probably you will not agree with some of my choices, you would choose something else again. But that's probably the right of every set with the best in the title ;-).

Assemble With Care

Ustwo, the team responsible for Monument Valley, is not easy. After their hit series, it's time to create something new, and their two previous games set the bar really high. This time, instead of environmental puzzles, the creators focused on DIY – or more precisely, folding and unfolding things. Caution and precision play the first violin there. And although in static images this title does not look particularly encouraging, in practice it turns out to be effectively chained to the screen and does not allow you to tear yourself away from being a virtual handyman.

Exit the Gungeon

Contrary to rumors and Internet sayings – this is not a sequel or even a prequel to the cult independent production. Exit the Gungeon is … spin-off! Roguelike's shooting returns with similar challenges, except that this time the perspective changes and we observe everything from the side. If you have a weakness for roguelikes, don't have the illusion that you will be running Exit the Gungeon for a short while – it's fun that draws you from the very first moments, but it is extremely difficult to get away from it. Because there is only one more attempt …

Frogger in Toy Town

Frogger is a classic that rather needs no introduction. His presence at the last Apple conference was for me … at least puzzling – after all, it is known for a long time that there will be many more cool games waiting for us. I approached him from a distance, but it was enough for me to disappear in this uncomplicated (but demanding) game. Fantastic audiovisual setting, feature inserts made with humor, and the fun itself, which despite the passage of years is still not enough. A clear division into a board, several control schemes to choose from and this is a Hopsi, which tastes just as good in 2019 as it was in the 80's of the last century!

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Mini Motorways

Dinosaur Polo Club a few years ago captured the hearts of mobile players with their Mini Metro. Now the team is back from Mini Motorways – their new production with road drawing in an ever-growing city. Our task is a prudent approach to the topic that will improve communication – in addition to building new products, it is worth all the time to improve existing paths. A twin-like game that gives as much fun as a hit from years ago. It starts innocently and lightly, but Mini Motorways quite quickly becomes an intensive production that can introduce a nervous atmosphere ;-).

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

For years when someone asks about Zfor smartphones and tablets the only right answer is: PLAY OCEANHORN. This is not a coincidence – similar gameplay, fantastic worlds, tons of things to do and lots of fun coming from fun. Common denominators were not lacking there, and the new version in the form of Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is … even more fun! This time, the creators take us to the same world, with the difference that a thousand years ago. Climate change, however, does not bother the game at all – on the contrary. In the knights' atmosphere to her face, the more so that the team from Cornfox & Brothers again stood up to the challenge and made sure that the game looked phenomenal! If you're looking for a solid action RPG, then you're looking for Oceanhorn 2!


Overland is a title that caught my attention after the first announcements. The creators promised survival with a road trip in the background – all closed in turn-based gameplay. Although it sounded quite strange and unbelievable, it turned out that this mish-you actually managed to glue together in a logical whole, and how! In a form from which it is extremely difficult to break away. Eye-catching graphics, great sound and endless waves of fights with monsters are a set that is really difficult to break away from. See for yourself!

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Simogo has been serving fantastic mobile (and not only) productions for years – that's why I'm waiting impatiently for each of their next premieres. Their latest title, Sayonara Wild Hearts, debuts in the Apple Arcade service. This is a fantastic arcade game with an electropop in the background, which is basically no less, no more, and an infinity runner. With catchy music from the very first note and graphics that are constantly charming. Some ideas don't get old and never go out of style, and rhythmic fun is undoubtedly one of them!

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Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Shantae and the Seven Sirens is the latest installment in the cult series metroidvanii from Wayforward. The half-bean returns in the best style – and if you've ever had the chance to go on an adventure with her then … you probably won't be particularly surprised by what you'll find here. The latest installment is even more of the same: the same world, a similar pattern of challenges, gathering new skills and discovering thanks to them new places on the ever-expanding world map. The biggest "but" of Shantae and the Seven Sirens at the moment is the issue of … the lack of full play. Yes, your eyes are not confusing – at the time of writing this text it was divided into two parts, the other half is to appear in the App Store as a free update. For now, we can do nothing but wait. Oh, I loyally warn you that this is one of the games that definitely makes more sense with a connected controller (see: how to connect the rains from PS4 / X1 to iPhone or iPad).

The Pinball Wizard

Flipper mechanics have already been used in video games in a variety of ways – so the gameplay proposed in The Pinball Wizard is not particularly innovative, but … still giving fun from the game. A simple arcade game in which we control an inconspicuous wizard – all with flipper launchers. We avoid obstacles, deal with opponents, get the keys to exit and … as in dexterity, we try to get the most points, and what!

Where Cards Fall

Puzzles in which dexterity goes to the background, and the environment we get into plays the first violin – does it sound familiar? Well – it's a genre that feels great on mobile. Where Cards Fall was automatically one of the first games I installed after gaining access to the service. And I was not disappointed at all: beautiful in terms of binding, a moving story with a set of puzzles to solve. Growing up is never easy, even in video games …

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