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Serious dismissal of employees at EA – soon several hundred employees will lose their jobs

Some time ago we witnessed mass redundancies at Activision. Several hundred people said goodbye at the time, and the company’s restructuring and prospective development were the reason for the whole situation. A similar step was taken by Electronic Arts, which “got rid of” 350 employees – mainly from marketing, publishing and other fields. This is

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Skype will soon be enriched by the possibility of video calls with 50 people at once

Half more than before! Microsoft has just announced a rather interesting change in the structure of the videoconference present in the Skype service. Of course, we are talking about the possibility of making a video call with up to 50 people – the current limit was 25 participants of such a conversation at the same


Chrome, Firefox or maybe Edge? We explain which browser will meet your needs

Browser is an indispensable element of every computer today. Thanks to the browser, it is possible to surf the Internet, although the range of functions it supports is much larger. Which browser offers the most possibilities? We’re checking Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Vivaldi. Some people value simplicity and speed of action,